Kneeling Pee Bench Makes Sure You Do Not Pee on the Toilet Seat


If your significant other complains about you peeing on the toilet seat, you can get the kneeling pee bench, so you never miss again, and make a game out of it.

This funny gadget for Men also known as the Angel’s Knee Pillow reminds me of the fake Wii Pii Pii Brothers game that let you play a video game trying to aim in the toilet. It is a practical gadget for women who are sick and tired of seeing the toilet seat wet because their man came home drunk after a long night. It allows you to take your time, get your knees situated comfortably and make your #1 bathroom duty a cleaner and funnier act.

The thing I am wondering is, after a night out with the guys of drinking and partying, would you be able to get yourself situated right to use the kneeling pee bench? The reason I am asking is that it seems Men may have a problem getting rid of their true easy calling and having to kneel to pee on a daily basis. Also, could you see yourself spending $60 for it? If you could, it is available at Japan Trend Shop.

Via: Geekologie Via: InventorSpot