Roulette Wristwatch Design Help you Gamble with Your Friends


If you are a gambler and also in love with designer wristwatches, then this Roulette watch may be a great combination to keep you away from the real tables.

The Roulette wristwatch is a beautiful watch design which face is shaped and made like a working Roulette table. As you press the side dice, the white ball will spin on the table, eventually stopping on a random number. It will definitely allow hustlers to start making bets and trying to make money off of friends everywhere they go.

In addition, it is a functional wristwatch by Azimuth that tells the time as expected, so you can make sure to arrive at the next party just in time for the betting to begin. The back panel says “Beat the Casino” which is kind of funny knowing that you have just became one.

The Azimuth Roulette watch should be out late in 2009 with only 5000 released for the opening of the Singapore ‘grandest’ casino.


Via: Luxist