Water Clock Reveals the Fluidity of Time


Time as they say is fluid, and one cannot restrain or control it nor can we actually measure it from a particular mental reference point. In fact, the only reference point we have in order to judge time is the ‘clock’ or the ‘timepiece’ which has developed into modern geekish gadgets from being a humble device a few decades ago. In order to reveal the simplistic and minimalist themes about telling time, Kouichi Okamoto has designed the Water Clock.

The Water Clock is literally fluid and thus makes up for the time’s flowing nature which can neither be turned back nor stopped. The Water Clock comes with a red and a white button, and runs on water and magnets. The ceramic base contains 2 rotating magnets which attract the red and white balls in order to tell time. The Water Clock ca used along with any vessel or container that can hold water. This clock is definitely not just for the functionality but it is all about the metaphorical and aesthetic essence that comes along.

The Water Clock is very expensive and costs $289 and I somehow can’t understand why it must be priced so high. However, being the high art gadget it is, maybe the price can be justified. If you are looking for a less ‘high art’ clock, you could try the Star Trek Wall Clock. The Darth Vader Alarm Clock is another great design for Star Wars fans who normally may get bored of minimalism and simplicity of gadgets like the Water Clock.

Via: Better Living Thorugh Design