iPod Touch Robot Taps Feet


If you always wondered what it was like to be studying robotics and artificial intelligence, you must perhaps learn more about your own iPod touch that constantly blares music. The iPod touch seems to be one helluva brainy gadget as it has been recently used by a Japanese guy to run a robot. While it sounds almost ridiculous, the robot works and it looks pretty cool too.

The robot has been christened Robochan and is a combination of Kondo KHR-2HV robot kit and an iPod touch. iPod is not only used as an interface to control the bot but also to help it with memory and sensors. The robot moves gracefully and taps much to the viewer’s pleasure. You could manipulate and make the robot tap his feet and later play music to make it look like he knows how to dance. If you would like to get your own robot, which taps its feet, you could order the Kondo robot kit.

The kit costs $1,300 and does not come with the iPod of course. It comes with an English programming software, unassembled robot body, and a USB serial cable. However, the kit lacks instructions as to how the iPod touch could be connected. The video looks rather cool and fun. If you are looking for funnier robots, you could try the Probo Robot who goes all green all the time. The Giant Ant Hexapod is something that you would stay away from if you hate insects.

Via: Slash Gear