World’s Tiniest ‘Postman Pat’ Car


Most kids freak out on Postman Pat car rides in amusement parks. But Perry Watkins of the U.K has actually turned ‘Postman Pat’ fun ride car into the world’s smallest car!

The car has 39 X 26 inches dimension and can accelerate up to 40mph. This tiny wonder is indeed a challenge to manufacturers of smaller and efficient cars. It wasn’t all that tough to create this singular vehicle. Perry simply purchased this ‘Postman Pat’ ride from eBay, fitted 150cc single cylinder, four stroke engine and remodeled it into smart street vehicle. In sheer seven months this wonder of a car was ready with license plate to hit the road. Perry even fitted a deceptive turnkey at the back of the car and made it really seem unbelievable that this tiny vehicle actually runs on gasoline.

Wonder how Perry could actually fit into the car and drive it around? Brats are going to love this car and it would be difficult to keep them away from lookalike fun ride car.

Via Inhabitat/The Sun