Google Chrome Version 2.0 Is Here


Google Chrome has come a long way from being a beta version just 8 months ago to the launching of version 2.0 recently. Google claims to have resolved many issues and bugs which caused the crashes and other undesirable situations. Google has fixed about 300 bugs and the version is more stable and amazingly fast.

Nevertheless, you would not find anything that is radically different from the previous version and as Google insiders put it, ‘version 2.0’ is just a metric and it does not mean there would not be updates and to keep track of internal changes. The Google Chrome of course comes with a really strong and reliable V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it really fast.

However, Google Chrome lacks features when compared with Firefox and other biggies. Hence, if you have always liked Chrome, you will just love the second version more and if you disliked the browser, there isn’t much to make you like it again anyway. Google Chrome is intended to load and process apps like Google Docs, Maps, Gmail and others as fast as possible, perhaps faster than other browsers.

Though the version 2.0 may not replace your favorite browser, you still could download it and check it out before drawing conclusions about its efficacy or non efficacy. If you are totally in to Google Chrome and were wondering how you could possibly alter Chrome settings to suit your needs, you must check out the list of Google Tips and Tricks we had written about just a few days ago.