Gresso Unveils Classy Cell Phones for Women


Cell phones and other gadgets have long been the prerogative of geekish men who assume that the fairer sex do not really care much about the functionality or design of a gadget. However, women not only scoff at being called the fairer sex, but also love collecting and using gadgets and cell phones just like their male counterparts do. However, some women do like things that are classy and elegant as evidenced by the success of Lady Diamond Collection unveiled by Gresso Company or by the desire for Laptops for women.

Now, the company is back with their two new lines called the Lady gold and Ultramarine Gold. Lady Gold is an awesome cell phone, which is being touted as an ode to feminity, elegance and beauty. The bright red color is the result of advanced technological processes. With specs that could match any other high end phone, the bright red Lady gold has a passionate feel to it.

The Ultramarine Gold is another classy cell phone line by the Gresso Company and comes in a sparkling ultramarine case. This line comes in deep blue and suggests serenity and strength, which are the hallmarks of womanhood. Both the cell phones come in limited edition numbers of just 15. So if you want to be the luckiest woman or if you are a guy and want your lady to be the classiest, you should get hold of one of these awesome and classy cell phone that only 30 lucky women will get to enjoy.

The cell phone works on Windows Mobile 6 Standard, and has a memory of 2GB. You could send SMS/MMS/email and browse Internet through Internet Explorer. It also supports Outlook, WAP 2.0, GPRS, Bluetooth, and has a mini USB, PS Sync, voice recording feature and of course, an awesome mp3 player and camera. The cell phones cost around 4800 Euros.