Hi Tech Toilet Seat Cover!


The idea of having trendy bath fittings is one thing, and having hi-tech toilet seat covers is totally another…with Pressalit on the move towards a high tech bathroom.

Pressalit offers to change the way the bathrooms look with their newly designed hi-tech bath wares. Their new Autoclose toilet seat covers come with built in sensors that keeps the toilet seat up when the user is close by and gently puts it down, without slamming it; mind you, when not in use.


Autoclose is definitely a great contribution towards new toilet seat designs and an astonishing use of technology in our daily lives,¬†with the kind thought of not wanting toilet users to dirty their hands in any way. This is what sets the heights of convenience, i’ll say!


Via: Hometone

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  4. goeles.

    this made my day, thanks!..a hint that might be essential for future expansion to countries like germany: out here where I live now majority of folks expect you to be sitting while satisfying any of your excretory needs, and lifting up the toilet seat before easing yourself is not seen as a substitute!

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