Skeleton Art on a Bicycle Ride


Artist’s evolve each day through many levels of experiences, and imaginations.At time the results are incredible and must be praised for creating master pieces.

“R-Evolve” 2009  is one of the sculptures created in May 2009 which looks like skeleton art going on bicycle art. This cool Sculpture where a Skeleton is bending forward and gripping the front wheels, while the frame of the bike is made of the spine and the legs are molded to pedals. Unfortunately there is no seat, making it kind of hard to ride.

This is the artwork of Jud turner, a sculptor who uses all found objects to create often interactive works that are mesmerizing in their Uniqueness. The sculpture was created for ” Joyride” an art show in New York City which is held in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music.

The Sculpture is available at $5000. If you like what you see, then you can see other amazing works of Jud which we covered earlier, such as the Terminator Bicycle, Internal Combustion Art, the cool Skull Art and more.