New Zune HD From Microsoft Confirmed


The new Zune Player, called Zune HD has now been confirmed from Microsoft and looks like it will get some new people to move towards it.

The new Microsoft Zune HD will sport a 3.3″ high resolution touchscreen that is crystal clear and will provide High Definition images.

HD features now available in the Zune will enable a hook up to a HD TV for watching the films in great resolution. In addition, HD radio will be available, which seems like the more likely and beneficial feature. For the few (or more) individuals who would like better sounding music and programming…now the new Microsoft Zune is aiming to provide it.


As was the case with the previous Zune model, the new one will also have built-in WiFi and browser. The thing is, with the larger and clearer screen, it seems like a better result. Also, with the touchscreen capability, it really becomes a more worthy competitor to the iPod Touch.

Now let’s get to the looks! On first sight, the Zune HD looks sleeker and more innovative. No more of that big button using up space, it now is encased in a fine looking box which simply looks better than before; perhaps Microsoft learned a little from Apple successful iPods (as with everything else) and decided that looks are truly important.

Some cool features in the new Zune HD:
– Included in the Xbox Live Marketplace, providing film and Television features straight to the Microsoft Music player.
– OLED Touchscreen finally brings flipping through music, movie and additional content easily.
– 16:9 Widescreen display with 480×272 Resolution.
– Internet Browser with touch usability
– WiFi instant streaming of music