The Electric Cherry: a bike or a bicycle?


Environment friendly gadgets and machines are the in thing these days, and they definitely are the need of the hour. With so many different concepts and designs coming up, it is definitely not easy to decide which one is the best of the lot, but its worth trying out these cool gadgets and machines, simply because they are so eco-friendly such as electric scooters or the GM Segway car.

While a wide range of electric cars are available in the market, we have the option of two-three wheelers too these days, especially considering great features like compactness, weightlessness, and the most important feature being – they are great space savers.


Cherry is part of the new age transportation machines and electric bikes; its design inspired by the fruit! It gives you a reason to stop worrying about parking space, fuel or battery, or about re-painting your old car. Its a 40kg, carbon-fibre plastic body machine designed to use vehicle efficiency at its best. An enhancement though would be avoiding the use of plastic completely in the body. Nevertheless, be is the torque, speed, ease of steering and grip, performance, motor or maintenance, Cherry has mastered it all. Not to mention it looks completely like a new-age machine.


Via: Tuvie