French Maid Computer Case


If you remember the Anime girls computer cases, you would probably recall how they provided a little extra sex appeal to the Geek’s office or bedroom, but those were mods, and this French Maid computer case is something that is available over the counter.

Provided in an original or maid station designs, these two computer cases could really liven up your dull office space. With a little bit of humor and understanding, an office could be something a little more fun, enjoyable and sexy.

The two versions are PC cases only with no hardware involved, but they include the following:

Original French Maid:

Standard case
White stockings
Black skirt
White lace trim and apron (ties in rear).


French Maid Station:

Standard case
Black stockings
Black skirt
White satin apron and petticoat.
White cuffs
Special “Maid Station” logo branding


Both are available at Japan Trend Shop and could be everything a Geek would wish for…a sexy computer.

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