Computer Keyboard Bike Handlebar Grips Design


The stereotype is that most geeks sit all day long in front of their screen pressing on their computer keyboard without stopping, but lo and behold, some may also know how to ride a bicycle. Oh yeah, and that is why a geeky Qwerty keyboard handlebar grip design was made.

As popular as computer keyboards are, none make such an impact as these bicycle handle grips. They are designed like a QWERTY keyboard and are a major help for geeks. This way, they could still practice typing and location even while riding a bike.


Just in case you actually thought you would practice typing while doing jumps and popping wheelies, the layout is not exactly like the keyboard keys we are used to. In fact, they spell out the designer, Aaron Ross, instead.

This is a great geeky design that is sure to help geeks leave their home for a little bit. No, not for sport, but in order to ride their bike to their geek friend’s home.


Via: Wired Via: ArtofTrackStand