NES Sneaker Mod Give a Whole new Meaning to a Portable NES


If you are looking for a portable NES that is also a fashion item, then this pimped up version of a sneaker could make all your dreams come true.

A beautiful creation by Mobius1ski, this is a form of the Nintendo Entertainment System that I have never seen before. It combines a NES Mod with an actual sports sneaker like you could see the NBA players wear both on and off the court. Of course, they wouldn’t play with the controller still attached, but then again…they may still need the practice.

Unlike many other mods, this sneaker is a little more sporty and could be seen as a true Nintendo mod that gamers would flock to own. Who wouldn’t want to be able and wear the actual game console as a shoe to comfortable take games on the go? Also, combine this with the NES Controller Belt Buckle, and you seriously have a system on the run.