Spy Cap with Hidden Recorder for the Spy in You!


Becoming a spy is the ultimate dream of the geeks. Modern day investigative journalists do become geeky spies with hidden camera for sting operations. But Spy Cap with Hidden Recorder will certainly make one boldest of all the spies. Wear the cap, shoot and record what you see without arousing any suspicion.


This Spy Cap Hidden Recorder with 512 MB SD card is a Chinese electronic wonder spy gadget. A small pinhole camera is fitted in to the normal cap and the camera is connected to hidden recorder by MP4 player. So wear the cap and look straight at what you wish to record. It would clear recording of what you see with same perspective. The camera will be hidden but the reality will stand revealed. It comes for an unbelievable price tag; you can take a look at all the specs or make a purchase straight at Chinavision! And if you don’t like wearing a cap you can check out Tie with Spy Cam or Lighter Spy Gadget.


Spy Cap with Hidden Recorder is indeed a handy gadget which can be used for various reasons. It could be a surveillance gadget apart from another essential spy gadget. This could be fun recorder for even family outings too. One can catch everyone in action without making people camera conscious. Geeky journalists could bring back hard reality bites. Naughty geeks can use it for many reasons. For lazy cool geeks this really is a wonder gadget. No need to hold the camera and run around to record. Just wear the cap, look and let the hidden recorder shoot!