Tetris Necklaces Design


For all those cool Tetris gamers and Tetris fans, showcasing your love for the game is as easy as wearing a necklace or using it as a wall hanging, a keychain, or using it and making your very own fashion accessory.

Artists Acetonxfree and Tetris-gollum bring you two Tetris necklaces, the one above by Acetonxfree, as shown in the picture is made of chains, connecting the bricks together, and gives it a cool look,  while the one below by Tetris-gollum, is made of polymer clay and cord, and gives it more of a natural and easy to wear feel.


After the Tetris Bearbrick toy, the Tetris shoes knockoff and the Tetris bracelet craft, we have mentioned in our earlier posts, this completes the all new Tetris look that you would want to pull off at a theme party or at a fancy dress competition for the kid at school. All in all an array of great collectibles for all Tetris fans!