Lipstick Stun Gun Delivers Electric Shocks to Aggressors


Women have long bore the brunt of male attackers, oglers and plain annoying guys that they have always carried pepper, sticks and other weapons in order to ward off their aggressors.

However, with changing times and technology, even the self defense techniques and weapons have become more geekish and cool, like the Lipstick Stun gun. This is being touted as the Women’s weapon of 21st century. This rechargeable stun gun can strike the victim at a brutal force of 350,000 volts as the makers claim.

If you are a woman and need to show your annoyance at a jerk passing by, all you would need to do is flash your Lipstick Stun Gun (while he thinks you are trying to look hotter by applying lipstick) and stun him with an electric shock before he even realizes. In an age of women learning Kung-fu, Karate and other martial arts techniques, the Lipstick Stun gun may negate the need to go to those classes and conveniently stun anyone who comes across as an aggressor.


The Lipstick Stun Gun comes in seductive black, pink and silver. The package also comes with a safety pin and lanyard, charger, instructions and even a 2 year warranty. The added benefit of the Lipstick Stun Gun is that it also doubles up as a flashlight. In short, it is a complete self defence weapon for women.

If you are a guy and are not comfortable about clenching your fist and delivering punches, you could buy one of these Lipstick Stun Guns too. After all, genders are equal and gender wars are passé, aren’t they?

Via: Defense Devices

10 thoughts on “Lipstick Stun Gun Delivers Electric Shocks to Aggressors

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  2. motiram.

    Ladies deserve this. Let the attacker die, who is bothered? There are ways to defend ourselves. The rape rate would be very low if all girls are given this by any ruling government. Misuse? Then do not deal with girls without reason.

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  4. Self Defense Guru.

    This is excellent information and nowadays a variety of self defense items such as stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms, etc are made to be disguised as everyday ordinary items, like cell phones, pens, perfumes, and pagers. Any of these items can be purchased online if you cant find a store in your city or cant get out to purchase them. Self defense items are a necessity for all people because you never know what situations life may bring you

  5. Jamie.

    Hilarious, were can i get one?

    I thought it was obvious, but maybe i should point this out… article is being sarcastic, it’s a joke.

  6. kelly.

    Stun a passerby for being a jerk, got o jail. Who wrote your ad copy? I strongly recommend that you consult your attorney. Even if he pats you on the ass you don’t have the right to use this weapon on him. The use of force must be proportional and the minimum amount necessary. And with regard to the need for self defense training classes, if you don’t deliver the voltage just right you’ll need that karate training to defend yourself when he gets up off the floor and kicks your ass.


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