15 Cool Tennis Gadgets even Roger Federer would Love

Since Roger Federer has finally conquered his demons and won the Roland Garros, we decided to gather some cool Tennis gadgets that even Roger would love to play and use. Some are a tad childish, some are cool designs, but overall, in the name of Roger Federer, this is a tribute post to the one and only Fed Ex.

Known by many as the greatest Tennis player in the history of Tennis, Roger Federer, can relax a little now and will probably have time for his wife and really soon to his new baby. With all the popularity, income, and sponsorships, the following gadgets are definitely useful for his home game and match.


Tennis Balls Chair


Roger Federer could sit in style with what he loves the most…Tennis. It probably be a little odd in his living room, but then again, it may also be extremely comfortable and the smell is something he is already used to.


Tennis Ball Towel Holder


At home, Roger Federer doesn’t have any ball boys or special personnel to hold his wet towels for him, so this cool gadget comes in handy. It basically recycles an old Tennis ball and makes it into a practical towel holder that any Tennis fan would love.


Alarm Clock Tennis Ball


Sometimes even the greatest players like Federer and Nadal can get frustrated…especially when you are awoke from a sound sleep by an annoying alarm clock. Besides this alarm clock looking just like a Tennis ball, the alarm turns off when you simply throw it at the wall. I bet Djokovic, Murray and Nadal would love to have such a gadget to take their early upset frustrations on.


Roger Federer Brand


He is such an impressive Tennis Player, so Roger Federer had some brand fashion items released baring his initials and approval. The Roger Federe RF shoe and bag are collectible items that may be a little snobbish for some but for major fans they are a must.



Lacoste Tech Wear

Will the future of Tennis be looking like this? This is a fairly recent ad campaign by Lacoste that aims to look at the future of the Tennis game.


Tennis Racket Fly Zapper


The Summer is finally upon us, and you could be a pro like Roger Federer when zapping frustrating flies. The actual Tennis swing is not as important as with a fly swatter, and you could zap your fly rivals dead. This specific zapper is also rechargeable, so your Tennis elbow would not be as painful.


Hand Exerciser


I wonder if this hand exerciser was part of Roger Federer training regime before he became the new French Open champion. With this cool new gadget, you could strengthen your arm both for playing Tennis and also for actual gaming.


Tennis Ball Launcher


This is mostly a pet gadget to enhance the launch and distance of the Tennis ball. It may not be something to use to practice Tennis, but Roger may find it handy to play with his dogs (if he has any).


Tennis Ball Robot


To become a great Tennis player, one needs a lot of practice. Even the greatest of professional Tennis player need to have some to accompany them for hours of training, and that is where this Tennis robot comes in.

This amazing Robot allows a player to practice with balls being hit from a racket and not just launched. In addition, the speeds can be adjusted between 20-70 km/h and can be set at specific strokes such as Lob, spin, or smash.

This could definitely be a great Tennis partner for Nadal, Federer, Del Potro and the rest of the great players.


Classic Tennis Video Game


This cool kit may be some old-school tennis but even new and popul;ar Tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic would get a kick out of playing some other kind of tennis besides the hard courts.

Just like the old Pong game so many are familiar about, this kit allows you to play it again without too many difficulties. To become as good as Roger, you must start somewhere.


Two Handed Tennis Racket


This specific Tennis racket has two hands that help the double partners shown. It is not up in Roger Federer’s alley but may actually be something double players would love to look into for some extra strength and precision.


Tennis Shoe Phone


It is a great conceptual gadget for Tennis fans but not going to be great to wear while playing on the court. You could always use this Tennis shoe as an alternative in your racket bag but do not have increased hopes it will help you with your game.


Tennis Ball Jewelry


I wonder if Roger Federer proposed to Mirka with this recycled Tennis ball ring. Maybe it is not his style, but some of this cool jewelry are actually eye catching and seem like a fun sports fashion trend.



Tennis Ball Bench


After a long day of practice on the Tennis court, one would like to relax with the best option. Hence, the Tennis ball bench that not only makes a comfortable alternative but also gives a little extra push at your sore muscles.