Sigmund Freud Squeezie Ball for the Neurotic Geeks


Sigmund Freud certainly would not have approved of simplistic stimulus-response theories had he been alive today and as an honor to this grand old man of mind, here is the “Stress Freud Head” Squeezie Ball to help you reduce your stress unconsciously, without worrying about “unlearning” maladaptive behaviors.

The Squeezie Ball looks like the decapitated head of Freud and is made of soft foam rubber and increases “libido”, the pleasure instinct which thereby reduces your stress. After all, people were right. Squeezing balls can significantly improve one’s libido and reduce stress.

At about $3.95, the decapitated head of Sigmund Freud can greatly relieve stress and add some fun into your otherwise melancholic life. You could choose to buy as many as you want as the Squeezie Ball is so cheap, and it would help you learn all those psychoanalytic principles in order to control the untamed id instincts. The Phallic Cigar Brandishing Freud Action Figure would perfectly complement your Freud Squeezie Ball.

I would however say, become aware of Freud’s own obsession with the unacceptable desires of id and do not depend too much on the ominous looking Squeezie ball. It may drive you to self destruction. If you didn’t know, Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis committed suicide “because he could take stress no longer”. Go figure! Or Squeeze some balls.