EyeClops Night Vision Goggles to See in the Darkness


Geeks usually love working through the night. Such geeks will love these EyeClops Night Vision Goggles to walk around in the house stealthily without switching on the lights and waking up others. Such stuff is no longer Hollywood fantasy it is yet another cool geeky gadget. And this one is quite affordable too.

Eye Clops Night Vision Goggles have infrared vision. So it is really being able to see in the darkness. See the world at infra red light frequencies. These goggles can be used at home by geeks to walk around at night. But they’ll be more useful to researchers studying nocturnal creatures or hobbyists who love watching owls and night world. One can be total invisible in the darkness and be a part of the dark world. Awesome isn’t it? It is like getting a vision of an Owl or a Bat or a Cat.

These Night Vision Goggles come for $89.99 without the pack of AA batteries and can be ordered at ThinkGeek.com. Check out interesting Camera goggles and other Steampunk Goggles too.