Fashionable Denshoku LED Bars Wristwatch is All but Ordinary


Denshoku LED wristwatch is a beautiful fashionable time accessory from TokyoFlash, which is definitely out of the ordinary; displaying the time in LED bars instead of a regular digital display.


From TokyoFlash:

Denshoku is the beginning of a new vision for wrist wear. Inspired by the neon skylines of Shinjuku, Denshoku combines high quality materials and advanced technology with intuitive design for people who want to create their own style.

This new digital wristwatch design is a good looking fashion item. It displays the complete current time with the use of a simple click on its side. With the first press of the button, the LED bars light up to tell you first the current hour, then the number of ‘ten minute’ slots and finally the current minutes. As can be seen in the respective images, it first displayed 10 bars (stating it is 10), then 5 bars (stating it is 10:50) and then 8 bars (completing its rounds with a final time of 10:58). Since it is light out, we can reasonably say it is in the AM.




Why would someone want to go through the trouble of having to read the actual time in 3 steps? A regular individual may not, but this is a trendy looking watch that will grab the attention of bystanders. Moreover, it is not a watch you find at a regular store in the local mall, so it is unique, original and many would love to have a special wristwatch that others do not have.


The Denshoku LED watch costs $245 and is available at Tokyoflash either in Silver or Black. Make your pick.

Denshoku LED Watch