iPhone 3G S Looks the Same but Packed with Great New Features


Apple has just launched the new iPhone 3GS which is an answer to copycat rivals who have been trying to bring to market their own versions of sleek touchscreen phones with better camera and usability. The new iPhone 3GS from Apple comes with an awesome camera and it can also capture video now, unlike the previous version. The new model comes with a storage space of about 32GB and it can store almost 7000 songs and 40 hours of video.

iPhone 3G S – S for Style

Though there would be a number of changes in the specifications, iPhone 3GS would look the same as iPhone 3G and it’s almost identical look has already raised many eyebrows. The idea of owning an iPhone has always been its sleek and glamorous looks. Thus, previous owners of iPhone 3G would not feel ashamed as it would still look the same though they would miss out on many features.

iPhone 3G S – S for Speed

Certain cool additions to the specifications come in the form of speed. In fact, the “S” in iPhone 3GS is all about speed. The speed would be in the range of 2X and would take advantage of openGL|ES. 3G S performs the Sun Spider benchmark in just 15 seconds, which is a huge improvement from the previous version.


iPhone 3G S Camera and Video

One of the pet peeve of the previous version has been the camera, and thus Apple has decided to improve the camera resolution to 3 megapixels. However, it is not yet confirmed and it could be 3.2 megapixels as well. With advanced features such as auto focus, auto white balance, auto exposure, and improved low-light performance, the camera will surely be better than the one that everyone is used to with iPhone 3G. While the previous iPhone 3G could not record video, the 3GS supports video with 30 frames per second which isn’t too bad for VGA resolution. It would also come with a one click MMS, MobileMe and YouTube.


Other iPhone 3G S Features

The new iPhone 3GS would also come with a great Voice Control app which would make it easier to handle the phone with voice commands. You could find a number by speaking a name or playing a song by uttering the artist’s name. Other features include the compass would tell you which direction you are going in and it also supports Google Maps. iPhone 3G S comes with other interesting features such as a navigation service from Tom Tom, an in-car direction finding company. It would also have parental usage controls and if you lose your iPhone you can delete all your personal data on a website with the push of a button.


iPhone 3G S Battery, Availability and Price

In spite of all these features, the iPhone 3GS would have a better battery life than the 3G and thus scores better there as well. Video playback would increase from seven hours to ten hours and audio playback from 24 hours to 30 hours. The 3G S would come in black and white versions and would cost $199 for 16 GB and $299 for the 32 GB version. It would be available from the 19th of June in Europe and Canada. US consumers may have to wait a little longer and there also seems to be some
problems with AT&T. Rumours have it that American consumers can swap the previous 3G with the present 3GS for free, which is absolutely cool. It would be interesting to see how the new iPhone would be received worldwide.