Godfather Vinyl Doll Will Make Marlon Brando Proud


There is something special about vinyl dolls, and this Godfather version kind of takes the cake in detail, theme and actual meaning. As a fan of the Godfather movies, I must say this is one of the greatest Godfather tributes I have ever seen, and the late Marlon Brando would have probably agreed.

The Godfather movies are classic films that should be within everyone’s ‘must-see before I die list’ (at least Godfather I and II). Most fans probably seen those movies at least 20 times each and can recall lines, scenes and actual phrases at a snap of a finger. With that, many different remakes, parodies and actual products were released, but this specific vinyl doll just seems to hit the spot.

Yes, it is still a commercialized toy and will rake in the cash, but doesn’t it just have the right look; that stare is just the right degree of intimidation.

There has been a cool Godfather remake we posted before of Super Mario that puts Mario and Yoshi in a specific bloody scene from the first film. If vinyl dolls are more to your liking, then Clockwork Orange Alex doll will creep you out, and the Hellboy doll will make you shout.

Via: Vinyles Chiles