Google Squared Makes Comparison Searches Easy


After launching Google Wave, the web giant is back with yet another cool and efficient service called Squared. Google Squared lets you organize all you search results in a Excel sheet-like format which would allow you to compare amongst the results.


For example, if you are searching for information about cool cars to buy, you can get all of them “Squared” and compare the attributes of different makes and brands. This would help you navigate through the ocean of results you may get when all that you are trying to do is compare the specs and prices for different available cars.

Google Squared’s speciality is that it makes comparison based searches easy, fast and efficient. What strikes you is the user-friendliness of the service and the efficiency with which you can finish your searching task within no time. A simple search of “convertibles” searches for Item name, Image, Description, Engine, Layout and Transmission. It would make your life easy and help you choose your convertible real fast and that too efficiently.

A similar search for “gothic literature” brings not only a list of books with its publisher’s names, year of publishing and description but also language and genre of the book. This means it need not be only for products but Squared can be used for any kind of comparison study that mi9ght want to undertake.  The service is up and running and very much minimalist and efficient just like other Google products.

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