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Call it a melange of gadgets or a transforming multimedia phone, the amazing Nokia Pulse Projector is certainly one device that wouldn’t miss even a roving eye. It is, in fact, a Nokia cellphone, an LED projector and a multimedia player all combined into one device. It is the ultimate gadget to have as far as gadget geeks are concerned. It brings all these different functions under one roof, molded to look extremely cool.

The Nokia Pulse Projector brings together the DLP technology, the LED light technology, pulse software and bluetooth technology, and also has a NXT speaker with Dolby sound.

Designer Miika Mahonen has definitely done an awesome job of putting together this device and the idea of incorporating all these features of sound, projection, communication and other applications into one will definitely pay off. No doubt, of course that it can be used at home, at the office or on the go, and it makes a great gift too, but I doubt anyone would want to give it away at all. Well, I wouldn’t.

More specifications along with the complete user guide has been furnished, for anyone who is interested, but I think this says it all for me. The Pulse projector is THE BEST gadget and has taken control of me, and am sure quite a few others too, by now!

Via: Yankodesign

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  1. Abdullrahman.

    Dear Sir:

    Please I need more info of this product, its features, its prices, its local providers, its benefits to PETRORabigh and let us discuss it once you have the info. Thanks.

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  3. price comparison.

    Online version of sun newspaper, here in the UK is reporting that Nokia has announced a new projector phone. This phone will be based on the Nokia new Multimedia centered N97.

    If the news is to be believed, this would mean a giant leap forward for Nokia and with out a doubt Nokia claim the first place and dominate the mobile computer arena for many years to come.

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