The Trend of Giant Mecha Statues Picks Up


If you are the kind of guy who gets off on Manga, Mecha robots and other android like figures, you are in for a treat. We have found not only a huge and great Mecha but also a life-sized Gundam statue. An army mechanic Carlos Owens has built his own personal Mecha which took him five long years to complete.

He is so crazed about Mechas that even foresees a future where they would walk alongside soldiers or even lead the soldiers to the battle ground. Carlos seems to however see a future where giant Mechas can be used as exoskeletons in construction industries and battle grounds. However, I think it is even too big to behave like an exoskeleton.

While Carlos gets off on his Mecha Exoskeleton, the guys in Japan have dedicated the one of the strongest Gundam erection to the 30th anniversary of the Mecha anime/toy/Manga/video game franchise. The Gundam statue measures 18 meters and it even emits light and shoots out mist from 14 different points. The statue even comes with a moveable head.

The Japanese geeks and Carlos guys should get together and work on a project together for I am sure there would be more gigantic Manga and Mecha statues than these two. We know that a lot of you guys (and girls) have a fetish for Manga and Mecha Robots. That is exactly why we compiled a list of  Anime and Manga Gadgets a couple of months ago. You could also try your Manga drawing skills with the help of Manga Drawing DIY Kit.

Via: Geekologie 1 and 2