Multi LED Ni Watch from TokyoFlash


With all the different TokyoFlash watches that are released, it was nice to find one that fits well on the wrist and provides multi-colored LED display for time calculation.

TokyoFlash is known for its off-the-wall watch design, providing a variety of wristwatches to choose from that also grant a challenge for telling the correct time. In the Ni watch model, the time and date is displayed using mutli-colored LED spots, that need to be added up correctly.


As can be seen in the images, Ni has separate areas for the different slots, dividing the 2 hour, 1 hour, 10 minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute mark. As you press the button to display the time, you add up the corresponding lights as shown for a final reading of the right hour.


The example image shows what 5:27 will look like, and also how to tell the correct date by pressing the second button.


This does in fact seem like a little torture to go through just to tell the time, but like with the Denshoku LED Bar watch, this is unique and will get questions thrown your way. Based on your ability to answer conversational questions, you could be the talk of the night, the mysterious person who likes to torture him or herself or even the trend setting individual with a lot of fashion sense.

You can find the Ni LED watch along with many other amazing designs at TokyoFlash.