Fetishist Approach to Studying with Ball and Chain

Finally, here is an invention for people who believe that studying isn’t torture enough with the Study Ball from curiosite as the kind of new gadget that would make you wonder what the inventor was thinking. The inventor in this case is a Spanish designer who goes by the name Emilio Alarcon who, according to curiosite is “a Spanish designer with extensive experience”. Experience in what you wonder? Well, your guess is as good as mine. If you think I’m being too harsh, have a look at it yourself


The whole device is made from durable steel and the ball alone weighs a whopping 20 pounds! To use it, you simply set the timer and attach it to your ankle, and the manacle will not open until you have completed the requisite time, although there is a safety key that allows the manacle to be unlocked at any time. Also the timer cannot be set for more than 4 hours for safety reasons. This little piece of gadgetry costs a whopping $120, so I’m guessing that you wouldn’t buy it unless you were really desperate to be chained to one place for any amount of time.

Here’s the thing that has been puzzling me. I don’t see how this device will stop anyone from browsing on the internet, reading a book or just staring into space. What I do see is a BIG potential for the “Study Ball” to be used for a lot of other, wholly unrelated “activities”…..

Via: Asylum