Jud Turner’s Tribute to the Fallen Skater


Jud Turner, the cool artist has recently donated an awesome skating culture-themed sculpture to the Skateboard Deck/Art Auction which raised money for the new Eugene Skate Park. Eerily titled “Tribute to the Fallen Skater”, the sculpture has the silhouette of a skateboard but looks almost like a Native American’s feathery headgear and in the centee sits a skull with the conspicuous skater symbol between the teeth.

While it is not clear why the sculpture has been titled so, it seems to be a tribute to the culture of skateboarding which has been threatened by the onslaught of gaming and other forms of entertainment. While most people refuse to believe, skating and skateboarding is seen as a nuisance in most countries though it is one of the most entertaining and innocent forms of getting your adrenalin up and rushing.


Jud Turner believes in the dichotomies of life and the truths that lie between these contradicting dichotomies, according to his artist statement. Perhaps, the sculpture which was donated to the Skateboard Art Auction for the funding and creation of a new skate park aimed at bringing this fact to light. The fact being, most people love skateboarding but urban structures and electronic forms of entertainment have literally killed the skater, and his ghost haunts the previously open spaces where one could skate.

Perhaps the creation of this park would enable skaters to revive the awesome adrenalin pumping game and the fallen skater would rise again. Jud Turner is known for his contradictory and controversial artworks. We have featured several of his works earlier including Flying Machine Sculptures and the Terminator Skeleton Bicycle. His creepy and eerie artwork literally blows my mind!