Weirdest Baby Toy Car Ever!


This must be the weirdest and most grotesque toy car I have ever seen and what makes it even worst is watching the baby riding inside remaining as cute as a button.

What can we really say about this toy car? Is it a renovated bumper car? Is it a toddler’s toy? or is it a creation of some freak of nature which wanted to get a picture of his baby riding inside to get a laugh out of friends?

On a more positive is extremely imaginative and made beautifully. The detail is awesome, with each tooth having its own angle and size. The skin texture is just amazing along with the bloodshot eye, and the eyelid flap to serve as the baby’s gripping spot.

All in all it is a freaky creation but an awesome looking baby toy car which I am sure many would love to replicate and have for their own enjoyment. If you do actually run across some other bizarre creations such as the world’s smallest car, send them over; we would love to see the projects.


Thanks Steve for the images!

Via: NewLaunches Via: Imgur