A Travel Toothbrush Safe Case


If you are an extreme cleanliness freak like Monica in FRIENDS, or are a huge fan of James Bond and his collection of highly “sophisticated” gadgets, or are on your way up to Mars and have to be quarantined and abide by sanitary regulations, this safe and solid toothbrush case is for YOU!

Despite their redundancy, and at times their eccentricity, collectibles do find their way into the hearts of aficionados. How else would you justify an Aluminum toothbrush case that perhaps doesn’t go beyond attracting a few inquisitive eyeballs? The Case can probably not accommodate any other toothbrush than the one already in it.


Quite visibly drawing inspiration from the Spaghetti Westerns and the Mariachi movies (guitar cases concealing firearms), the solid metal case is one-of-a-kin made by Dominic Wilcox, who also made the awesome Anti Car Theft sticker. We wonder if the creators had hygiene in their mind, or was it just an accidental application of creativity?

From what one sees, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the case was the result of a metal briefcase experiment gone wrong. That may explain the slightly chic look, which of course, is wasted on a toothbrush case. All said and done, the big question is – does anybody use toothbrush cases these days?


Via: Dominicwilcox