The Transformers All Spark USB Hub


Transforming gadgets are here again, but this time disguised as a useful gadget and not exactly a new Transformer toy. Ask any true Transformers fan and they would definitely agree that the All Spark Cube, which the Autobots and the Decepticons so eagerly seek, was also showcased amazingly in the movie.  The All Spark Cube has the power to convert any normal electronic or mechanical object into an object with independent life – enabling it to transform.

The mystery of the All Spark Cube, with all the glyphs, designs and the Cybertronian runes and carvings on it, is revealed during the later half of the Transformers movie. The folding of the gigantic metal cube shrinking into a smaller cube, about the size of the football, is an application of the simplest form of animation, which still makes it look extremely appealing to the eye.

You can have your own All Spark Cube which gives life to the computer and its peripherals, by functioning as a USB hub, a talking one at that! The All Spark Cube warns everyone by saying ” We must protect the All Spark Cube” on the touch of a button or whenever any external device is plugged into it. Mighty cool, I’d say!

It is available at Entertainment Earth for $29.99 for all Transformers toys fans.