The Big Lebowski Bobble Head Toys


Dudes always have a problem looking for the right role model and usually end up liking The Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski, and if you are one such dude who just can’t get enough of the 1998 comedy film The Big Lebowski, here are a few action figures to make you happy.

The unemployed Los Angeles bum unknowingly get entangled in a web of scary Russians, kidnappings and has some awesome fun and great fun is what you get when you get yourself the 7-inch resin Dude Bobble Head for $12.99.


If you like your action figures with a dash of naivet√©, you would love the Donny Kerabatsos action figure. It is also being touted as the world’s first Donny Kerabatsos Bobble Head and costs just $12.99 as well.


The Dude is almost always crazy about ball games and Jesus Quintana is one of the more loved characters from the movie. There is also a Jesus Quintana Bobble Head that even comes with a ball! This one runs for $12.99.


If you were wondering what kind of dreams The Dude has, and if you would like to interpret them, get yourself the dude’s Dream Sequence Bobble Head. Getting deep and dirty into the Big Lebowski had never been so fun! Of course, the former two bobble heads cost $12.99 as well.

I guess it had never been so good for The Big Lebowski fans until these cool action figures popped out of nowhere! Dude, if you still can’t get enough of The Big Lebowski, you really have something BIG for this guy. That is exactly why someone got the whole Big Lebowski Movie in one Single Image or the cartoon-like Big Lebowski poster.

Enjoy Dude!