The Familiar Computer Cursor Hand Icon gets a Hand in Ads


When we see the familiar hand icon that seems to direct us daily through the web, we immediately know its meaning, become rest assured it will guide us true and some may also be puzzled to see it used in actual ads.

These Scan Source ads seen at Ads of the World bring the hand cursor to actual posters, attempting to show that everything is a click away. With the examples shown, the cursor shows that it can be used to track delivery, order day or night, check stock availability and conduct daily business…as usual.

This is not anything that is new to Internet users, but it is fun to see it away from the screen (even though you are viewing the post through your monitor).

We have seen the cursor icon in some other cool creations that involved Yarn Art, the Hand Cursor oven mitts and even the mouse cursor kite; these last ones are a little more fun for major Internet surfers.