Butterflies Night Lamp that Softly Illuminate Your Room

Whether its your children’s room or your own, nothing can be prettier as a decoration than the GloWings from Soner Ozenc. Unlike the butterfly iPod dock, these butterflies emit soft blue light that is perfect as a book night lamp, or just as decoration. Maybe you could even use it at parties.The Butterflies aren’t very big (30x18x12 cms) but they definitely stand out in the darkness.

Here is a view of them glowing


Granted, it looks a little like the butterfly got caught in a freak “nuclear” experiment, but trust me, when there are a few of them together, the effect is stunning. Have a look


While this is how they look in the dark, during the day, these butterflies appear a little different, and you can make out the whole butterfly, along with the faint glow that is emitted by the lamp


These wonderful butterflies are perfect to set the mood in any room and work by using a electro-luminescent phosphor printing technology. This technology helps creates the thin, lightweight, flexible lamps that illuminate the butterflies wings. The use of the electro-luminescent phosphor lamps also makes the lamps extremely safe for use virtually anywhere around the house. The whole device can either be powered by battery (4xAAA batteries) or by plugging it in to an outlet (the pack comes with a UK adaptor and an inverter).