Shoe Shaped Hamburger Looks Calorie Ridden


While the whole world has been turning up against junk food like Burgers and French Fries, there are still people who just can’t do without a daily dose of a grease rich Hamburger. Somebody really crazy about either Hamburgers or shoes has created this weird looking Hamburger Shoe which does not make me hungry at all.

Nevertheless, the Shoe burger is baked to perfection and you could even see the lace and the opening where you could insert your leg. I can’t help but wonder how many calories a Shoe Burger like this could possibly have.

Whatever the number could be, it is certainly not something that would make nutritionists or anorexic girls happy. I like everything about the Shoe Burger here except for the fact that it does not make me want to eat it. Human appetite is psychologically conditioned and since one thinks of shoe as something inedible, a burger in the shape of a shoe does not appeal to many people.

The same way, I am sure most guys would not find this chick wearing the Hamburger Dress attractive enough to ask out for a date. The Hamburger Cake and Fries on the other hand leaves your mind and taste buds confused as it is a sweet cake that looks like a Hamburger. The best of these burger inspired fun stuff has to be the Burger Mona Lisa painting which may be a nutritionist’s ploy to show how much grease each burger contains.

Via: Desi Colours