S’mores Keyboard to Attract Ants


The stuff that all campfire treats are made of, this bloke here could not resist the idea of making S’mores shaped keyboard, and who could really blame such a thought! If you can’t resist the idea of roasted marshmallows and those sinful layers of chocolate sandwiching between crackers, you certainly would have already tried something to tickle your taste buds. The S’mores keyboard may not actually work but it might be great to throw some jokes at the campfire and let your friends “eat keyboards”.

Carrying these around or even trying to connect it to an imaginary monitor and PC may only invite loads of ants. Talking about ants, you may also think of normal keyboards that become a favorite ant breeding site thanks to all the maple syrup one might spill. In that way, the S’mores Keyboard is no more an ant attractor than normal ones, if you have a taste for syrups.

What I like the most is that you could start chomping your way through the keyboard by beginning at the biscuity outer border and relish the chocolate-made spacebar and functional keys. Once you are done with that you could lick the entire QWERTY keyboard until the sweetness makes you sick at the campfire. If you thought your nerdhood requires a special kind of pillow to lean against when you get tired at the campfire, you could try the Keyboard Pillows. While you are away camping, receive all your mail in a nerdy Computer Mailbox.

Via: Geek Pad Show