Bestride the New Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle


It’s got the looks, it’s got the style and it is one of the most useful and completely convenient mode of transport available to anyone. I am sure you would agree, by the looks of it, this new Strida 5.0 series of super light weight (at 22 pounds) folding bicycle is going to take riders to a different level all together and looks like bicycle art. It is triangular in shape to fold efficiently and is built with Aluminum, which makes it light like Bamboo Bikes. The greasy chain of a bicycle has been replaced with a Kevlar belt which keeps it going.


In this day and age, when living sustainable is the duty of every human being, this bicycle helps in decreasing your carbon footprint to the bare minimum…similar to the solar powered bicycle. Strida suits the taste of the eco-geek or an urban cyclist living in cramped, crowded and polluted cities. It can be tucked away into a loft, carried up the stairs or down subways – just about anywhere. The super cool Strida 5.0 series of folding bicycles are anxiously awaited.


Via: Inhabitat