The Melodica Keyboard: Remembrance of the Forgotten


Although it was quite a rage in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, one hardly remembers what a Melodica is, and in such fast paced times, where songs of genre like R&B, heavy rock and metal rule, it is scarcely mentioned about.

Being a decent instrument, the melodica is quite fine for amateurs to begin with; and with a deep and rich sound that is capable of setting moods, this can be also a good choice for pro’s alike.

Provided with a 3 octave range keyboard of 37 keys & a tonal variation of F to F, beginners will not have to struggle learning music. The melodica here is provided with a comfortable and extendable blow pipe that leaves the other hand free to maneuver along the body of the melodica for added positional reliability.

Being made up of plastic and with dimensions of 10″w, 23″h 4″d, the melodica is extremely portable to carry around and jazz the place with soothing musical notes. Comes packed with a carry case, this instrument is available from Urbanoutfitters at a reasonable $58.

In point of fact, Urbanoutfitters has made us remember a forgotten entity from the music family.