Violet Mirrors perform Magic with RFID


What do you think is common between these pictures: The rabbit-dolls or perhaps something that looks like a fancy kitchen ware –  a dish?

I am sure you are still wondering what is it that you are looking at? But it definitely looks interesting enough to find out, doesn’t it? I assure you it is interesting, impressive and great fun!

These are magical Violet Mirrors based on the RFID technology. If you are not familiar with the abbreviation then let me tell you, RFID – stands for Radio-frequency identification. RFID can be applied to any object to use it as a tag, to be incorporated into any products to make them come alive. The RFID tag enables tracking the product through radio waves. In case you are wondering where this technology can be applied, then you should think of tracking and managing inventories at supermarkets, or any application of supply chain management in several enterprises.

If you understand the identification part of it, you would also immediately relate it to tracking, timing, scoring and implantation kind of usage. For example, an electronic toll collection booth would have an RFID tag put to its best use to improve efficiency in logging and tracking.

Other amusing uses that have been referred to is to use it as a learning package for youngsters, who can wave things in front of these RFID mirrors and understand the relation or usage of the same. For example, if you wave an umbrella in front of this magic mirror it would give you a weather forecast, or let you know when you took your last medication if you place your pills on it. It has to be connected to a computer to perform all these functions though.

The colorful RFID tags and stamps are slowly making place for their applications in our surroundings to make life more convenient, if it isn’t enough already. For now, inventory systems and identification are probably the best usage of this technology. For more information on the specs, uses, applications or to make a purchase, visit