Funny Head Squeezos for Ketchup and Mustard Condiments

Food toys have always aimed at the grown- up kids masses out there and rather than just for kids, as the name suggests, and with the latest addition to their already long list of cool-to-play-with products, this group is sure to fascinate a huge crowd of adults hitting their website to buy them. funny-head-squeezos-1

Welcome two cool new friends to your club; Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin. Their mission: to make your sandwich binging and burger munching more fun. Beginning with Ketchup Charlie; this head squeezo replaces your oh-so-boring ketchup top. When squeezed, you’ll find ketchup running out of Charlie’s nose. This will surely make you marvel at how impish your inner child is!funny-head-squeezos-2

Mustard Marvin replaces the cap of your regular mustard sauce bottle. When the bottle is squeezed, “YUCK!!!” is the first word exclaimed, because the mustard flowing out of Marvin’s mouth resembles someone puking right onto your savory dish. And imagine yourself eating such a thing!

Both the squeezos are made from hard plastic, with the size of a regular bottle cap, with Charlie scaling 2.25”x1.75” and Marvin at about 2”x1.25”. Both are available inexpensively at $3.99 for either the Ketchup Squeezie or the Mustard Squeezie.

You can see a video of these right below.