RIP Michael Jackson: Tribute to the Late King of Pop


Michael Jackson has just died and a major shock is currently hitting the world after so many years of an amazing presence from such a musical icon. The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has just passed away without (yet) many actual explanations or reasons how, and only assumptions could arise based on the paparazzi media frenzy, speculations of the bizarre and eccentric lifestyle, and guesses of what has happened to the long time musical star. This comes as a major celebrity blow, especially with Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009) passing away on the same day after her battle with cancer.

Update: Michael Jackson has died on Thursday suffering a major heart attack at the age of 50. Based on CNN sources, Michael Jackson collapsed at his LA Home at approximately noon PST, suffering from cardiac arrest. He was immediately taken to the UCLA Medical Center where he was officially announced dead a little over one hour later.

We have made more than a few mentions of Michael Jackson here at Walyou. In tribute of the Late King of Pop, we wanted to grant Michael Jackson fans a look into some influence he has had into the tech, gadgets, geeky world we love to cover here at Walyou.

Note: some of these Michael Jackson posts are amazing, some funny and some are just plain ridiculous, but they are not meant to make fun of Michael Jackson’s death whatsoever but just show another inspiration he provided…even for geeks, gamers and tech enthusiasts.

R.I.P Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson’s Thriller A Capella


This Michael Jackson Thriller remake is of a 64 voice a capella made by one man only. It is a wonderful editing job one of the most amazing and popular songs ever: Thriller. This probably taken so long to make the final cut, but the results would have made the King of Pop proud..or at least laugh a little.

Michael Jackson Thriller Remake

Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit on Barack Obama


Even the newest US President Barack Obama has made tribute to Michael Jackson by having his own Action Figure dress like Michael Jackson did in the most amazing Thriller video. It is a great look which brings back memories (and nightmares) even after so many years.

Barack Obama Action Figures

Michael Jackson visits Nintendo Punch Out


This is a funny video remaking Nintendo Punch Out which stars the one and only Michael Jackson and even has a visit from Macaulay Culkin. For those who played the game, it will be a funny visit of the classic Nintendo classic but in a completely different theme.

Michael Jackson Punch Out

Michael Jackson Billy Jean LED Floor


As if inspired by the other amazing Michael Jackson music video, Billy Jean, this is a high tech LED Floor which responds to your footsteps.

The original video of course had special effects, but the thought alone was breakthrough…accompanied by a great and infamous song by the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson Billy Jean Floor

Michael Jackson Thriller with Final Fantasy Cast


Did we mention how much we love Michael Jackson’s Thriller? This is another remake of one of the best songs of all times but starring the Final Fantasy cast. It may be a temporary remedy for sad and heartbroken Michael Jackson’s after hearing such terrible and unfortunate news about his death.

Michael Jackson Thriller Remake Final Fantasy