RIP Michael Jackson: Tribute to the Late King of Pop


Michael Jackson has just died and a major shock is currently hitting the world after so many years of an amazing presence from such a musical icon. The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has just passed away without (yet) many actual explanations or reasons how, and only assumptions could arise based on the paparazzi media frenzy, speculations of the bizarre and eccentric lifestyle, and guesses of what has happened to the long time musical star. This comes as a major celebrity blow, especially with Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009) passing away on the same day after her battle with cancer.

Update: Michael Jackson has died on Thursday suffering a major heart attack at the age of 50. Based on CNN sources, Michael Jackson collapsed at his LA Home at approximately noon PST, suffering from cardiac arrest. He was immediately taken to the UCLA Medical Center where he was officially announced dead a little over one hour later.

We have made more than a few mentions of Michael Jackson here at Walyou. In tribute of the Late King of Pop, we wanted to grant Michael Jackson fans a look into some influence he has had into the tech, gadgets, geeky world we love to cover here at Walyou.

Note: some of these Michael Jackson posts are amazing, some funny and some are just plain ridiculous, but they are not meant to make fun of Michael Jackson’s death whatsoever but just show another inspiration he provided…even for geeks, gamers and tech enthusiasts.

R.I.P Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson’s Thriller A Capella


This Michael Jackson Thriller remake is of a 64 voice a capella made by one man only. It is a wonderful editing job one of the most amazing and popular songs ever: Thriller. This probably taken so long to make the final cut, but the results would have made the King of Pop proud..or at least laugh a little.

Michael Jackson Thriller Remake

Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit on Barack Obama


Even the newest US President Barack Obama has made tribute to Michael Jackson by having his own Action Figure dress like Michael Jackson did in the most amazing Thriller video. It is a great look which brings back memories (and nightmares) even after so many years.

Barack Obama Action Figures

Michael Jackson visits Nintendo Punch Out


This is a funny video remaking Nintendo Punch Out which stars the one and only Michael Jackson and even has a visit from Macaulay Culkin. For those who played the game, it will be a funny visit of the classic Nintendo classic but in a completely different theme.

Michael Jackson Punch Out

Michael Jackson Billy Jean LED Floor


As if inspired by the other amazing Michael Jackson music video, Billy Jean, this is a high tech LED Floor which responds to your footsteps.

The original video of course had special effects, but the thought alone was breakthrough…accompanied by a great and infamous song by the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson Billy Jean Floor

Michael Jackson Thriller with Final Fantasy Cast


Did we mention how much we love Michael Jackson’s Thriller? This is another remake of one of the best songs of all times but starring the Final Fantasy cast. It may be a temporary remedy for sad and heartbroken Michael Jackson’s after hearing such terrible and unfortunate news about his death.

Michael Jackson Thriller Remake Final Fantasy

80 thoughts on “RIP Michael Jackson: Tribute to the Late King of Pop

  1. wayneasha preston.

    michael jackson was my icon that i will never eva forget that was the music that i was brought up on and the music i was made by so yeah i reall feel for the jackson family and keep growin strong michael will always in our hearts be missed!!!!!!

  2. bambie.

    i think that michael jackson we always be loved by his true fans and i also beleive that mj did love kids and ppl of every race and he wasn’t a pervert because he truly loved everyone it didn’t matter who they were or wht they looked like and i hope that who ever told ppl that he was bad to kids i hope that they know that they are probabllly part of the feason he went down hill with his health all these years

  3. Kayleigh Page.


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  6. eileen nowacki.

    michael i would love you no matter how you look like !i remember wen i was really young i saw you on tv in Kazakhstan i ambout 15 right now and its my first time listenign to ur songs and i got really attached to the song man in the mirior ……..ur the best and i wish you were a live right now cuz i really looked up to meating you 🙂 i dont beileve in all those stupid stories people made eventhough ur looks changed i loved ur heart and ur personality… ur a loving and caring guy ….ill pray for you 🙂 king of pop forever 🙂 god bless you 😉

  7. priscilla jackson.

    It hurts for me to say something about this because i dont wanna
    get this in my head again, to me i feel like this cant be true.. and it hasnt quite reached to me yet. We couldnt even imagine the day that you would die, especially at this age and it hurts so much because i feel like i grew up with you even thought i did not have the chance to meet you, i felt like you were a father,brother,uncle,cousin just a family to me. And you loose you will take years to believe its true. I know you are in a better place and you finally have peace and your spirit is still here. No one will ever forget you its impossible but we will miss you sooooo much. We love you with all our hearts. Not jus the king of pop you are more than that.. you are a gift from God and you have surely blessed this universe, we need more people like you but we know no one can ever replace you. R.I.P MJ, GONE TOO SOON, WE WILL MISS BUT NEVA 4 GET XXX PRISCILLA JACKSON XXX

  8. Josephine.

    FIRST OF ALL, JONAS YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE, I WOULD HIT YOU IF I COULD! SO SHUT YOU”RE GODDAMN MOUTH IF DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY. Michael Jackson was a incretebale person, who always thougt about others before himself, he really made the world a better place to be and he deserves nothing but love and rescept.
    I love him so much as a person and a artist, he”s the most beatiful person inside and out that has ever lived.
    I will forever miss him and he will never be forgotten.

    Rest In Peace Michael All My Love Josephine

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  10. Bluhhhh.

    I really got into his songs since he died, but thats unfair of me. He may not b my fave singer but he was AMAZING at wot he did do. I think he rlly was the King Of Pop and he will NEVER b forgotten. I no this was b4 he died, but in Keri Hilsons ‘Knock You down’, he is even mentioned. he will be always loved, never forgotten

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  12. kiran.

    i luv michael jackson gr8 music and ee was an absoulute unique legend I LUVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MICHAEL JACKSON i really wanted 2 see ur concert in london i am in gr8 pain i av been cryin since u have died crnt believe it it doent settle dwn in my heart and fuk da people who fink ee is a perve. HE IS NO SUCH A THING. fell sorry for his children LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUU I AM UR BIG FAN. ALL THESE NEW SINGERS R NUFIN COMPARE 2 U . LOVE U SOOO MUCH FRM NW ON I AM ONLY LISANIN 2 UR MUSIC. i will love u remember u and appreciate a singer like u for da rest of my life. loVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUU i am ssoooo sad cryin 20 4 7. x love you R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON X

  13. Maria Hunt.

    I always loved Michael Jackson.He was not only a genious, but a wonderful man with a lot of love to give to the world.No mather how many faces he had, his heart never changed.He had unconditional love for his family, friends and fans.
    It is a shame that nobody could see or feel his pain.Going back since when he was a kid and watching again and again and again all his videos, I notice how many times he cryed, how many times his face shows pain and how many times his heart beg for help.I am sorry Michael, that we could not see or feel your pain in time to save you.Rest in peace in the arms of Jesus and bring in our dreams, your songs, your dance, your smile and energy.What I loved most about you was your sweet voice and beautful heart.
    And whatever you are, if you can hear me, could you sing a song in my dreams tonight???Because I already miss you and I always will until the day I die. I love you!


    michael jackson is king of pop.Absolutly m j song is very beatiful.i love mj .i;m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. that’s all. michael jackson
    1958 – 2009

  15. R.I.P.Michael.

    i luved michael so much. he was a cutie and i respect that in a manner of him saying i was a cutie too and he said that he loved me manner so u all betta take the manna for urself. now!!


  16. Mz Face.

    Every song I hear or video I see I can’t stop crying. Michael Jackson I love u because u help me heal through your songs. All the people who tried to break this man’s soul and spirit I can’t stand u evil devils. What I am saying is they prosecuted him while he was here. Now that he is gone Just leave him alone, Beat it all day everyday, because they just want to b startin something, they are off the wall, they mad because he is bad, but I just can’t stop loving u Michael helped heal the world because it was your human nature I remember the times, and u are not alone, you forever rock my world and I am your Liberian girl, you were just another part of me, and I want u back, and u got to be there, because of the way u make me feel, you gave me butterflies and taught me don’t stop until I get enough, ABCs, and I love the way u shake your body down to the ground I wanna rock with u Michael I can still feel your presents fans can u feel it? Nobody can out dance or sing Michael because the boy is so Dangerous!

  17. Steph.

    I was devistated to hear of Michaels sudden death.I have been a fan forever.Yes all the albums have been out as my own personal tribute.He was the greatest singer song writer that ever lived and will remain so.I think its a sad way to leave and the fact that he will make more money now he’s dead than he did when he was alive is even sadder.

  18. Ashiqana4life.

    Sad Sad Sad. I still cannot believe he is gone. Words cannot express how sad I am. My prayers are with MJ and his family. The lost of a true music legend….Forever missed but always in our hearts. Rest In Peace MJ. You might be gone, but your spirit lives on in the hearts of your true fans….Much Love…. This song I feel best fit the moment “Your not alone.” You You MJ…God be with you………….

    For the Haters:
    People stop HATE. Regardless of your awful opinions his true fans will remember him as a great musician. And those that though he molested children, he was found INNOCENT. It is awful people like you that makes this world a very messed up place to live. A PERSON DIED GIVE IT A REST, GET A LIFE, and LEAVE MJ ALONE TO REST. Go listen to this song:

  19. Hanne.

    It`s really sad to loose such a fantastic musician. But we can always remember him by listening to the music and watching the music videos. I found a great site that allows you to download and watch the music videos for free, and in so much better quailty than many of the other sites I`ve visited. Just search for Michael Jackson on and enjoy the memories. It really helps for me.

  20. alex.

    i am devistated about michael passing away im in shock and i have been for the past couple of days he was a music heroes to everyone you he was mega talented i hope his kids and family are keeping together throw this sad time miss you jacko mate x x x

  21. Anon.

    He was a talented musician with a troubled life,
    Someone who spent most his time under the knife.
    Do you question his choices, no you judge without bothering to ask,
    Never even considered there was another reason for him to wear a mask?

    He lived a life of an accused man,
    He was a pedophile the media sang.
    A man found guilty despite there being reasonable doubt, it might be fair enough to say,
    But the evidence never proved him guilty, not in this way.

    24 hours after his death you use his life as a punch line in your joke,
    Yeah I’m sure it was hysterically funny, when all he could do was choke.

    Want to hear the funniest joke of all?

    There was once a man that was great,
    We destroyed him with all our hate.

  22. jimmy andrews.

    i am 12 years old and ever since i was tow i was a big fan of mike i had tickets for his concert and now he has gone it just hasnt sunk in to me yet or my familey but u cant change the past if i could i would but RIP in mike ure in gods hands now thats the best place for u right now love u lots jimmy xxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Jan.

    A great big heart stopped beating
    Rhythmic feet will dance no more
    A unique voice stilled forever
    A? generous nature to the core
    Happiness was elusive
    Contentment just a dream
    Now the man-child is dancing
    In heavens playing fields.

    Loved Always, Forgotten Never. Janet Wales UK

  24. pauline.

    poor M.J.a tortured soul,may god forgive those who lied about him.when ur in the public eye as he was anybody can acuse you of anything and all claims must be investagated dosnt mean you are guilty.people like to think the worst of others and thats not fair,i honestly think that apart from health problems the stress of having to take on 50 live shows took a horrible toll on michael.what a desperate end to a sweet man who was brimming with life and energy.may you be granted the peace and love you so craved in life.all we can do is pray that death has afforded you at least that,forever love michael,rest easy.xxxxxxxxxx pauline,jamie and the dogs,chester,and pixie-boy. xxxxxxxxx sleep well man in the mirror.

  25. Zen.

    Michael you were a LEGEND. You were a good artist and a fantastic dancer. There can never be a
    person quite like you and there never will be. I am still in shock and cannot believe that you are gone forever. Your music will live on and I shall never forget you. RIP. Love Zen xxxxxx

  26. Samantha.

    🙁 im so upset i sent the whole of yesterday crying He was a great uncle By Uncle Jack son 🙁 we sould just all remember the good time 🙂 BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE ILYSFM you will always stay in my heart (L) I just cant controll My fellins x make the song in to a R.I.P message LOVE you uncle Jackson xoxoxoxo R.I.P :'(

  27. Samantha.

    🙁 im so upset i sent the whole of yesterday crying He was a great uncle By Uncle Jackson :(we sould just all remember the good time :)BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE 🙂 ILYSFM you will always stay in my heart (L) I just cant controll My fellins x make the song in to a R.I.P message LOVE you uncle Jackson x

  28. kaz.

    initially hearing of michael dying was shocked but later hearing all his music again and how i grew up with some of those amazing songs ,it hit home what a big loss he will be and personally i dont think he was a paedophile ,never did and he should not of paid off the first allegation ,that was a big mistake ,as for his come back ,he looked great didnt he ,massive pressure and for what ,so he could prove what? other than pay debts ,his talent was unique a genius we will miss you x

  29. Dennis Dames.

    King of popular music

    …master of the big stage

    Entertainer extraordinaire

    …with deep and wide appeal

    Michael Jackson, the cultural icon

    …transcended all barriers with approval

    Universally treasured

    …a rare talent undying

    Tears for a fallen star…

    …travelling gloriously beyond

    Celebration for his inestimable gifts

    …peoples love Michael Jackson

    A revolutionary in song…

    …an activist of note

    A generation pleased

    …with the masterful virtuoso

    Michael Jackson, the spirit of groove

    …his music of verve

    …wakes up the dead

    Moonwalking the will…

    …paving the way

    Eliminating the barriers

    …of discrimination

    …one prized piece at a time

    His unifying music

    …consolidative and curative

    Thank you Michael for it all

    Sleep well my brother

    …we shall met again

    …in timeless elation

    Until then, the king of pop reigns

    …in our distinct hearts

    With celebrated admiration and awe

    …forever prized and sanctified

    ©2009 Dennis A. Dames

    Nassau, Bahamas

  30. uniquenezz.

    sry for being rude but… JONAS(1st commenter) U N UR BLOODY THOUGHTS CAN ROT IN HELL!! show some respect here!! if u dont like him tats absolutely fine but keep it locked up in ur petty petty PETTY little heart!!

    nuff sed!!

    may the king rest in peace… he will be forever remembered in our hearts… Lanz was absolutely right…

    He was, is and will forever be the legend…

    we miss u michael.. rip!

  31. asha.

    Mj He is a legend and always will be. Most other artists got inspiration from from him. Im blessed to have lived in the era of mj. Absolutely devastated. RIP MJ

  32. Azadeh Seif Amirhosseini.

    Micheal Jackson is a legend. Micheal’s death was a shock to take in! His music gave me inspiration and warmth! I will miss him very much! Watching him gives me tears and tears that I cannot control, he helped the world in his music and actions, Micheal Jackson will always be a king in every ones heart! Micheal will always have a special place in my heart! I admire him eternally!

  33. Neelam.

    Micheal Jackson will be one of the kind to walk this planet and will be greatly missed, i grew up with his music….he lived a tough life but now is resting in peace..I personally think he was and is the biggest talent that ever lived…….what a contribution he made to our lives he deserves our highest respect such a fagile and gentle man may he R.I.P forever….X


    SPEEChLESS sad hurt feel like something has been stolen from you me and the world.

    The world will NEVER be the same again

    The man in the mirror was a master magical musician. His name was MICHAEL JACKSON.R.I.P

    His legacy lives on in all our hearts. a liitle bit of me has died too.


  35. lejla fazlic.

    I hope that if not in this life that in death you my friend will find the peace and love that you truly deserve!

    love you MJ
    rest in paradise may you be revarded for you gretness

  36. wayne C Joseph.

    hey ! words cannot express the way feel right now i am saddened like no other
    growing up to the MUSIC OF THE KING OF POP was the best thing ever
    micheal so long man untill we meet again !!!!! to your family my deepest sympathy
    we will miss all your new music but the old will live forever so long KING OF POP

  37. Lanz.

    Go to Hell JONAS (first Commenter) if you said that in the Street you’d get Murdered today… keep your poisoned petty mean spirit locked away… Just look how even in his Death he unites all of us in the Human family across the world, on BBC 24 they have covered it constantly for the last 13 Hours, UNPRECEDENTED coverage for any performer… the Queen wont get half that, and Diana got just a few Hours.. He is more Popular Than Jesus or Lennon.. the Biggest star who ever fell from heaven… LONG LIVE THE KING.. at least in Death he has finally found peace of mind..

  38. worthyaton.

    I think Michael’s life was secretly filled with the grief of his lost love. He never got over his break up with Brooke Shields. He continued to agonize over “what might have been” with her. They remained friends over the years, but he wanted their relationship to be so much more. You can hear it over and over in many of his songs. He swore he’d never let another woman break his heart again. His marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was hollow and his children were born through a convenient vessel. He had an obscession to recreate his childhood through Neverland, to reverse time somehow, and go back to when both he and Brooke were young and “in love”. I think Michael may have tried to teach young boys a skewed version of what he thought “love” was. He couldn’t compute being accused of misusing a child’s trust because he convinced himself so thoroughly that he had indeed recaptured his own lost childhood and innocence. He never found it again and literally died of a broken heart…. Now you can finally rest in peace, Michael. You had amazing and inspiring talent, and for what it’s worth…YOU were always MY King of Pop!

  39. Soph Millichamp.

    I Am Still In Total Shock That A Living Legend Has Gone. He Was A Complete Inspiration To Many And Will Be Greatly Missed. His Music Will Be Remembered And Listened To For Years To Come. RIP Michael.

  40. Beks..

    Jonas – your a wanker. He aint even cold yet. He was a legend, i grew up with his music as did many thousands of people, who are all devastated. so show a bit of respect you hartless wanker.

    Rest in peace michael, You’ll never be forgotten as your music and memory will live on.

  41. donna mcgahey.

    rest in peace michael jackson, i loved u so much & i loved all ur songs u have made & u was a very good dancer 2. i am really sorry & i do feel 4 ur family my heart goes out 2 the family r.i.p mj love donna xxxx

  42. Ness.

    Jonas don’t talk crap for god sake he’s dead give him a break and the respect he deserves i cant beleive people like you would insult him even on the day he has died.

    Michael i love you soo much and will never forget you although i am devestated that you gone i want to thank you for bringing us joy with your beautiful music and dance. I wish i got to go to your concerts and see you but i’m sure your at peace now. There was never a song of yours where i wouldnt crank up the volume and tap my feet.

    Every person makes mistakes and your mistakes are overlooked with the amount of love and care you have given others even though i dont beleive whatever anyone says about you.
    Rest In Peace

  43. Holmeseyx.

    the king of pop is dead poor thing he doesnt deserve it ! he might of done bad things in the past but he doesnt deserve to die he has his familyy x
    i love all his songs expecaly you are not alone and the earth song x
    you will be missed badly x
    rip michael jackson x

  44. tif x.

    i agree he had problems but he tryed again to make it better he is awsome and his music will live forever! he is a complete legend!

    R.I.P Michael Jackson! xox

  45. Ellie.

    I Agree Very Much ! Michael Was A Legend And I Lovedd His Songs! He Will Be Missed He May Of Made Some Mistakes But NO one Can Take His Pride And Talent What A Sad Time To Die ! He Might Of Tryed Again And Did Well But He Didnt Deserve To Die ! His Poor Kids x

    R.I.P Michael Jackson x

    You Will Be Missed !x

  46. jessica.

    sad to hear that michael has died after alll his great success and fame we all will miss him dearly
    Michael you will never be forgotten!!!
    R.I.P michael

  47. sabrina.

    I am devestated to hear that michael the king of pop has died
    I really wanted to see him in concert and he would be great to watch and listen to
    R.I.P michael

  48. Kawu.


  49. SUSAN.

    I’m devastated and have always loved Michael Jackson and his music. Oh and if anyone hasn’t got anything constructive to say eg Jonah then they should shut their mouths and leave the comments and tributes to the ones that care.

  50. Obed.

    Michael was a great man and a great musician, it is very sad to hear of his death. I was a great man and everybody know that. I will miss his precense but in my heart he will live forever. my my heart felt go to his family and his children we pray that God wil give them courage at this moment of hard time.


  51. Kristna Ortiz.

    I just want to say that he was a sensational artist!!! he was and will always be the king of pop!!!! Michael you will never be forgotten!!! we love you and we will always love you!!!!

  52. Emily Jane Morris..

    What a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very upsetting event to take place. when i found out i cried. i will be flying to america immediately to be with michael and his whanau in this time of need. as i am a lifelong friend they will want me to be there. i will be singing a song at the funeral for my Grandad Michael. love you always grandaddy.

  53. Siara.


  54. robnson.

    RIP Michael. Thank you for 50 years of creative inspiration. Your legacy will live on forever. May you finally receive God’s peace. Love always.
    – jdrobnson

  55. fan.

    visit to sign tribute book which will be forwarded to family……….no crude or distasteful messages will be included only genuine messages of support from fans and mourners. Site live 10pm tonight.

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  57. S. Kerr.

    i just had to post something. this is the first site i could get to, i am still in shock. i was hoping it wasnt true. I have loved Michael Jackson for so many years as a teenager my walls were covered in his posters. I know every lyric to all his songs. as i got older life gets in the way and music tastes change. but i was shaken deeply by the loss of such a wonderful musician and entertainer, such a misunderstood and troubled man. I will always be a michael jackson fan, his songs were great, he was a great dancer. all the work he did for charity and to help underprivileged. I am so sad this has happened, his spirit will live on he touched the hearts of millions.

  58. David.

    Jonas. You are an idiot and not to mention disrespectful. Michael Jackson may have had problems and may have made some mistakes but the man was in the spotlight from being a child, became a phenomenum and was probably under a lot of pressure. Everything aside, allegations and rumours, non of which may I add was Michael convicted, Michael Jackson was an absolute legend, he changed the music industry crossed the divide between black and white, inspired millions and not to mention entertained and produced some of the best music ever. History should and will be kind to Michael, it can’t be anything but. The King of Pop he will always be and quite simply he was a King and a legend in his own right.

  59. Astounded.

    Jonas… show a little bit of respect. The man deserves atleast that. Whatever your personal opinion of who the man was… as a singer/music icon, his talent is indisputable.


  60. Max.

    Though all his scandals I always loved and will love his music. What he created was unique. Thank you Michael for these many hours of music that enriched my life in such a beautiful way. RIP

  61. Jonas.

    Look – he had no intention of performing a single show in London. The only question was: how would he get out of it? I presume AEG put so much pressure on him that no excuse would prevail – and so, in his mind, pending bankrupty, he decided to kill himself. But what of his kids? I can only surmise that a possible prison sentence didn’t cause him to kill himself, but the prospect of poverty was enough, a more powerful propsect than the love of his own children. I don’t think history will be kind to him – he didn’t give a damn about anybody but himself.


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