Internet Enabled Robot Pet Penguin Can Be Your True Geeky Friend


It would indeed be fun to have a little penguin as a pet, and the Penguin’s gait is almost robot like and it would be awesome to have one totter around, but the only hitch is penguins will die without snow, ice and chill. How about a robotic pet penguin? Here is an Internet Enabled Robot Penguin called MyDeskFriend for geeks.

Internet Enabled Robot Pet Penguin not only totters around on the desk following simple commands and IR sensors. It can also connect to the internet and read out FaceBook and other updates in its own robotic voice. Call it a robotic personal assistant or a robotic pet this one can act like human too demanding food and attention. In fact if you ignore it might become suicidal and take a plunge from the desk.

Geeks often lead a life of a loner in reality. They can connect only in the virtual world. The real world is far too unpredictable without any controlling devices. So this Pet Robot Penguin MyDeskFriend can be a good geeky companion who can connect with a voice and obey simple commands. This cute robot pet will be available in September and is expected to cost $99.

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Via BotJunkie