Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator


If you are planning to add a DVD writer to your old PC then you may be able to spare a second thought about this new standalone DVD/CD Duplicator. This one doesn’t need the support of the PC. It simply copies from one DVD/CD to the other.

Often it is difficult to burn a DVD while one is working on a system or if the PC has crashed. Geeks would love this duplicator which can help one make copies of games and movies at touch of a button. No need of any software for DVD/CD burning. Just place the two DVDs in two trays. Source DVD in top tray and blank one in the other and let the duplicator duplicate at 16X DVD and 48X CD drive speeds with internal 8 MB buffer. Taking backup cannot be more simplistic. This is compatible with all DVD technology formats. Of course don’t expect it to crack codes and copy copyrighted and encrypted materials.

This duplicator comes for $349.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer and will be shipped immediately. One can also check out another portable DVD Duplicator and All-in-One Printer to take care of your DVD burning woes.