NES Controller Made Into A Doorbell!

nescontroller_made_into_a_doorbellThis one thing has absolutely awed me and is made for all those gadget freaks out there looking for something bizarre, the NES controller made Hi Tech doorbell is absolutely gonna bowl them over.

People may have used these NES controller to do all the trashing, bashing, crashing and of course, racing in their times. But, this smart guy must definitely have some great innovative minds that urged him to make this weird thingie. Imagine someone walking to your doorstep, searching for a bell, and finding this controller. The person will certainly scratch his brains thinking which combinations might just open the door, but, he may not know that all the buttons of the “doorbell” are circuited such that pressing any of them will ring your humble doorbell.

Kudos to this person for such a great “contribution” to the gadget world. Anyways, I still think that this piece of originality is definitely a misfit. It surely, isn’t foolish, keeping in mind that it will without doubt keep away those irksome people out there to disturb you, when you are taking your afternoon nap.

Via: Foolishgadgets