World’s Largest Alarm Clock is Hydraulic Powered


If you have problems waking up in the morning, and no alarm clock seems to really get you out of bed, then the World’s Largest alarm clock may do the trick as the hydraulic pump will bounce you into a waking state…but you may wake up with a headache.

This huge contraption is basically a hydraulic pump that is connected to your bed and is operated by your computer. As you set the time to wake up, it won’t just ring and hope you will get up in a slow fashion but bounce you up and down, so you literally cannot sleep.


I’m not sure about any of you, but this could truly be the alarm clock that can guarantee to work. I have many friends who are heavy sleepers, but none could withstand being rocked as this geek is in the demo video below.

If you are afraid of any physical damage, you could always go for something a little more subtle that would still demand you to get up such as the Run Away alarm clock or the Dumbell Weights alarm clock. Both of these will make you work in order to turn them off and will not have you wake up with an exploding headache.

Via: GeeksAreSexy