Vampire Lucita Action Figure for the Blood Thirsty


If you have been playing Vampire: The Masquerade, you would know about the feisty and seductive vampire Lucita as she is one of the most drop dead gorgeous vampires ever and is known for her uncanny intelligence, charm and of course the bite. This Lucita action figure would be perfect for those who can’t resist the temptations of playing with vampires like Lucita on the console.

Lucita action figure comes with a Shadow Ankh and a display base. She stands upright and you could twist her waist as you please. Lucita however cannot stand without the display base and that is perhaps one of the negative points of this particular action figure. Lucita is one of the many vampires who are stuck in The World of Darkness and strive to come into terms with their vampirish selves.

The Vampire: Masquerade is a great game that explores the themes of human depravity, salvation and personal horror. The game was really big during the nineties but has taken a backseat with all the new action games coming into picture. Lucita, the reluctant leader of the Sabbath comes at a price of $11. Some of the other scary action figures include the Kubrick Figures which depict wild characters from Where Wild Things Are. You could also check out the scary Joker Action Figure.