This Umbrella Changes Color in Rain!


Umbrella is an important accessory, but since most umbrellas are so similar and boring varying only in colors, shape and sizes, is there really much scope of innovation where umbrellas are concerned? Well Squidarella seems to have thought of one interesting innovation. They have designed umbrellas which change color when it rains.

The technique is so simple wonder why no one thought of it before?  The patterns on the umbrella are made of hydrochromatic ink which changes color when rain drops trickle down.  The black and white umbrella becomes colorful the moment it rains. Isn’t it an awesome idea? This is so similar to people’s mood change when it does rain after a long hot summer spell. Aren’t we all happy when it rains? Now this umbrella too seems to be happier and colorful in the rains. This also reminds one of Coffee Table that Changes color.

Everyone will surely love to have this new trendy color changing umbrella. This one costs around $40 and can be ordered here. Check out the previous ones we covered, such as the Samurai Sword Umbrella or the Polite Umbrella. Well umbrella designs too are becoming geeky stuff too.

Via Inventorspot