Sofa and Pool Table Transforming Furniture

In this freaky groovy world, which is full of weird things, its time to welcome a new entity as this Sofa-cum-Pool table transforming furniture, and I really hope you haven’t already started rubbing your eyes in disbelief at what you just read, have you?

This late 1970’s ultimate super-sofa seems too good to be anything but itself by the day.


It’s just when you unleash your inner pool player, that the secret identity of this sofa is revealed! The whole sofa set converts to a (rather high) pool table.


Sidelining this elfin con, the pool table is really great to play on. And with wooden border and near accurate dimensions as that of a standard pool table, the set it is undeniably worth its money.sofa-cum-pool-table-3

Available for a price of 95$ from eBay, this sofa-cum-pool table set is doing proper justice to its value. But, frankly speaking an ardent collector wouldn’t mind spending a fortune for this piece of originality.

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Via: AboutBlank