iPhone Icons Reveal Narcissistic Traits


We all know how cool and stylish iPhone is but some people just think otherwise and the one who created this iPhone mod is one such guy; he seems to think the original iPhone icons are pretty outdated and replaced them all with his own pictures.

While one can’t really be sure if he really did it or what you see here is a photoshopped image, one thing is for certain: this guy here certainly is narcissistic and thinks that he looks pretty awesome. If he thinks he looks pretty good in that particular angle, he really should be thinking wrong so many wide grins on the iPhone are something nobody would like to watch. He obviously did not get how to create a caricature for “settings” and “text” so he decided to hold placards to read them out instead. Shockingly original I must say.

I wonder if such modifications to the iPhone would result in the nullification of the warranty provided by Apple as I am sure he will get bored of his own picture after a couple of days. This sort of narcissism is usually see among geeks who spend more time with their iPhones than with their lovers or friends. Some of the other inane iPhone inspired creations are the iPhone Panties and the Baby iPhone Toy. The iPhone Shaped Soap at least helps certain hygiene-challenged geeks to get rid of their dirt and start smelling good.

Via: Geekologie